Terms & Conditions

PURCHASE ORDERS: Every shipment should be accompanied by a purchase order, which should include:

  • Customer name
  • Quantity
  • Part number, revision level & description
  • Teknicote powder number or powder specification
  • Purchase order number
  • Quoted price

Please reference our original quotation number whenever possible for verification. Please note that missing or incorrect information can result in significant delays in order processing since we must search outside of our quotation database.

NEW ITEMS: All new items not previously quoted must first be processed through the Teknicote sales department. To avoid delays, a sample part or drawing should be forwarded to the respective technical sales representative with part numbers, coating specifications and quantities. New items included with a shipment should be clearly tagged and identified on the accompanying paperwork to expedite pricing. Orders cannot be processed without a defined process and pricing.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Each customer is assigned a customer service representative upon receipt of the first order. The customer service representative is responsible for providing order status, delivery information, and all day-to-day inquiries regarding normal orders. New items received without a quote and process definition must be directed to the sales department first for quoting and process definition and can take longer to process your order. For this reason we encourage our customers to obtain quotations through the sales department prior to the arrival of the parts to be coated.

MINIMUM CHARGE: All runs are subject to a minimum charge of $200.00 for a single coat or $350.00 for two coats if they are required. It may be necessary for Teknicote to combine smaller orders by color to maintain overall plant efficiency. Different parts of the same color may be combined to achieve the minimum charge.

PREMIUM CHARGE: in the event that an unusually short delivery time is required , Teknicote may request a premium in order to break from our schedule to fulfill the requirement. Typically a premium of $200 or more may be applied. Teknicote cannot guarantee that this opportunity is always available due to other customer commitments. Please contact your customer service representative.

PACKAGING: All incoming shipments should be packaged to avoid scratches or any condition that may cause rejection due to unacceptable incoming quality. Teknicote will use best standard practices and materials to protect parts after coating but cannot accept liability for part damage due to improper packaging or transportation. Special methods, cartons, containers, or materials other than kraft paper, are to be supplied by customer.

POWDER INVENTORY : Teknicote will attempt to maintain the required inventory levels to meet your production requirements. However, communication to our sales or customer service department is critical to insure that the required material is on hand. We encourage prior notification of upcoming orders to insure that minimum inventory levels and reorder points are appropriate to meet your needs

TEKNICOTE STOCK POWDER: Teknicote stock powders are usually in house and available at all times and typically are being processed each and every week. These powders represent the best value for our customers as we make large quantity purchases allowing the most economical material cost. Also, TK stock powders allow significantly reduced setup costs providing an overall price reduction for our customers. Please ask your sales representative for color and finishes available in this category and they will be happy to provide color samples.

TEKNICOTE VENDOR STOCK POWDER: Our powder material suppliers typically have a number of standard stock powders that are available in 3-5 working days. Please contact your sales representative for supplier color charts and samples of vendor materials.

CUSTOM POWDER: Should a custom powder be required, the customer is expected to purchase sufficient powder for their production runs plus 50lbs (hopper powder). The quoted price will subsequently reflect no powder material cost. A 4 – 6 week lead-time is required for custom powders.

POWDER COMMITMENT: In the event we are asked to special order a powder of any kind, the customer will be requested to sign a commitment letter acknowledging their financial responsibility for the powder should the program end for any reason.

STRIPPING : In the event we are asked to strip a coating previously applied by Teknicote or any other coating source, the stripping charges will typically be two times the cost of powder coating plus the cost of any additional secondary operations that may be required as a result of the stripping operation. Stripping of customer product that will not be recoated by Teknicote is not allowed.

TOOLING & FIXTURES:  Customer provided or paid tooling and fixtures are subject to maintenance and replacement costs by the customer in the event that the customer wishes to retain the tooling as an asset. Typically, we estimate annual maintenance cost of approximately 25-30% of the original costs. In the event that the customer agrees to Teknicote taking ownership of the tooling even with the customer paying for the initial cost, Teknicote will assume responsible for the maintenance and replacement as needed. A reasonable tool life, considering the repeated high temperature stripping process the tooling must undergo on a regular basis is approximately 2-3 years

DAMAGED PART LIABILITY: Teknicote cannot assume liability of any kind for the cost of the part to be coated. In the event that damage of any kind is incurred through any circumstance, our liability is strictly limited to the value added of our powder coating service.

FREIGHT: All outbound freight is F.O.B. Rumford, RI and our truck is available for local pickup and deliveries at a nominal charge of $80 per stop. Please contact customer service with your freight needs. Shipments damaged in transit are the responsibility of the customer and/or trucking firm. Incoming shipments must be prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

QUALITY : Your finished products are thoroughly inspected to meet the standards specified in your request for quotation. All new parts being processed for the first time will require a pre-production run amounting to 10 to 25 percent of a typical production order to be performed. This procedure allows both parties to understand the quality expectations and production problems before full production begins. We have found this process to be valuable in preventing production delays and minimizing the risk of discrepant materials and unexpected costs. We recommend orders exceed your minimum required quantity by approximately 3%. All orders will be considered complete when a minimum of 97% of the order has been coated and shipped.

Teknicote cannot accept responsibility for defects related to coating over pre-painted or pre-finished materials.

RETURNS: All claims or adjustments must be made within 30 days of receipt of order. Returns will not be accepted without being accompanied by the required RMA (Return Material Authorization) number issued by customer service. Items to be returned for recoating are to be accompanied by date, invoice or packing slip number, and purchase order number of the original order. These items will be given priority service for the shortest turnaround time possible . In the event that we have determined that the rework is not the responsibility of Teknicote but in fact related to another party, the parts will be returned untouched or reworked at the customer’s expense and subject to quoted charges and standard rework policies found in this document.

TERMS: All orders for new customers will be processed on a COD basis until credit is established. We request that our new customers supply banking and 3 trade credit references. Our normal terms are Net 30 days with finance charges applied to all past due accounts. Delinquent accounts convert to COD on future shipments.

CREDIT LIMITS: Each customer is assigned a credit limit based on supplied financial information requested by our accounting department. If credit limits are exceeded, shipments will be placed on credit hold until the issue is resolved.

COATING GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY: Teknicote can only provide data relative to the appropriate coating thickness of the selected coating but cannot warranty or guarantee the performance of the coating under any circumstances whatsoever. The customer is responsible for the determination of the appropriate coating for their respective application as well as any pretreatment or base metal consideration to meet its requirements for field serviceability.