Who ever heard of using a coating company for contract manufacturing?

Think about it this way……who better than the surface finishing company to know who are the best sources at producing a quality part with high consistency? We’re the last step in the manufacturing process and with 40+ years of experience in seeing incoming parts, we know EXACTLY who are best sheet metal fabricators, die casters, extrusion companies and parts suppliers. We have more than 100 people ourselves who are process focused, flexible, and innovative enough to create the final, finished product you need just like you want it. We accept CAD and 3D files, put out bid requests to the best suppliers for the job, bring them in with all supporting documents needed to insure perfect quality, then finish them and pack out to your requirements. Instead of “pushing” everything through a group of suppliers, why not let us pull it through for you. We even Kanban inventory for you and release it as needed backfilling with manufacturing orders. Think how easy we can make it for you.

• Aluminum and zinc die castings
• Extrusions
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Assembly
• Packaging & Labeling
• Inventory Management
• Transportation organization
• And the best surface finishing you’ll find anywhere

We’ll make it easy for you……..